E-Commerce Management

E-Commerce Management and Maintenance Services

Select the Management and Maintenance option service for $200/month or select basic site management services plus additional site content creation and link building services.

Select E-Commerce Monthly Package:

We offer complete site management services for your website. Most websites are not -set it and forget it. You have to make sure the sites’ development platform has the lastest updates to keep your site from being compromized. All site components and plugins must also be kept current and compatible with eachother.

If your site is not managed properly, your site could appear to work but may simply not send contact emails to you or load so slowly that potential clients leave before contacting you. Our service checks your site daily for uptime management and optimization and prevents potential lost revenue. Don’t just let your site go, keep it running with our personal site management services.

E-Commerce Content Management and Maintenance Services include:

  • Editing/Updating existing pages, sale items at client request (24 to 48-hour turnaround)
  • Adding new items for sale (content details and photos provided by client -Pricing for up to
    20, 30, 50 items/month)
  • Website Platform Security Updates (WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.)
  • Website Software Updates (Plugins -special software applications)
  • Daily website performance, security, optimization and uptime management
  • Monthly Website optimization and analytics
  • Manage connection of online store with merchant account for secure online purchases

Additional Services Billed Separately —$50/hour or per package -SEO, BLOG CONTENT, ADs