Local Presence Management FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I use your service if I am already listed in a number of directories?
Although you may be in a number of directories already, search engine
rankings can be affected positively by increasing your presence in directories
with high domain authority, traffic and other factors we use to populate our
Top 50, along with maintaining proper NAP consistency throughout these
What is most important to get visibility to new locations quickly?
Submission to the Top 50 list and data aggregators sends your location
information out to a variety of high domain authority/high traffic
directories, map/GPS sites and review sites. Your NAP information will be
populated quickly and correctly.
What is a data aggregator and why should I submit to them?
Data aggregators have relationships with many directories, GPS/map services,
niche and geo-specific groups and can help get your proper NAP information
into the right environments. Submitting your information via data
aggregators gets your information out to a large volume and variety of
directories/services that help increase your local visibility. The information
provided by data aggregators generally comes with a degree of authority,
prompting other directories to overwrite any conflicting data.
How does the claiming/verification process work?
Someone from our fulfillment team will contact your client (in a white label
capacity) as a representative of your organization with what to expect. We will
instruct them to expect PIN cards from some sites that require a verification
step and tell them what to do with those cards upon arrival.
What options are available to manage multiple locations?
We can provide bulk or branded dashboards in several directories, if your
organization meets certain criteria. This submission type allows for speedier
verifications, top-down management of the brand and bottom-up
management of reviews.
How can I be sure the work is being done properly?
We provide you with a progress report along with a variety of ongoing
monthly reports that show the improvement over time in your overall
visibility. We also provide you with live links and credentials to all directories
we create on your behalf so you can take control of your data.