The Local SEO Expert Guide to Myths You Need to Let Go

I’m a local SEO expert, and it’s time to dispel the myths I’ve seen floating around all too often. Here’s what you need to let go right now.

You did it – you went all in on your dream of opening a local mom-and-pop shop. Congrats!

Now that the dream is a reality, you know more than ever that this is the time to roll up your sleeves and get to work even harder than before.

You’ve joined the ranks of the thousands of people who open small businesses each month and you want to be successful.

Promoting your business locally seems like a no-brainer; put ads in papers, run commercials if you have the budget, and try to snag a reliable stream of foot traffic.


If you think having a dinky website is enough for your business, you couldn’t be more wrong.


SEO, social media, and having a great online presence is more important than ever for small businesses – yes, even on a local level.

If you’re not a local SEO expert, you might have plunged head-first into a bunch of guides that are full of myths and misinformation.

Don’t worry – we’re going to wipe away all the nonsense and get down to the brass tacks of how to make your local business an SEO superstar.


Myth: Claiming Your Google+ Business Page Ups Your Ranking


Those who claim their business page affects their rankings aren’t exactly wrong… it’s just not in the way that you think.

The fact of the matter is that people who claim their business page are more likely to take charge in all aspects of their online presence.

Claiming will allow you to enhance your categories which do boost rankings, but it should be part of a more comprehensive online strategy.


Myth: Having A Large Service Area Will Get You Out Of Town Traffic


When setting up your service radius on Google, you can stretch it pretty far to incorporate cities that are normally out of your reach.

Most people’s logic for doing this is that they’ll reach out of towners and drag in more traffic.

The reality is it doesn’t really matter, so don’t waste your time on this tactic.


Myth: To Remove A Duplicate From Google, Delete Your My Business Listing


If you’ve got a duplicate listing, you’ll need to clear it out.

You might think the way to do that is to delete it from your Google My Business listing, and the message you get when you try it makes it look pretty final.

It’s not.

If you claim and delete a business from Google My Business, it just makes it unverified.

Deleting it is only if you don’t want to manage the listing anymore but it will still show up in other Google apps, like maps, if you don’t remove the categories.


Myth: A Plain Facebook Page And A Basic Website Is Good Enough


Remember that famous scene in the movie “Pretty Woman” where Julia Roberts goes back to a store that denied her access?

With her hands full of shopping bags, she puts those salesladies in their place by shouting “Big mistake, huge!”

That’s what your customers will be saying to you if you don’t have a great online strategy.

This article is all about getting rock star status as a local SEO expert. You know you can’t succeed without a great online presence.

Surprisingly, many businesses think it’s OK to have the most minimum website setup and think that the customers will come flocking in.

Studies show that 85% of a local business’ customers use the internet to find them.

Make sure you bump up your SEO rankings by providing your customers with more than just outdated photos and store hours.

Be yourself – put your personality into your Facebook posts.

Online activity ranks and it’s not hard to come up with ideas once you give it a shot.

If that still seems like a lot, there’s still one thing you can do.


Call In A True Local SEO Expert To Reach And Exceed Your Goals


Look, you know as well as anyone that running a small business is a labor of love with no set open and close hours.

These tips are going to get you results, but if you want to go farther, consider calling in a local SEO expert like Pflyz Creative.

A place like Pflyz will do a comprehensive audit and point you in the right direction.

They can build as big or small a campaign as you want to handle your SEO needs.

And when you’re ready to grow, they’ll still be there for you.

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