These Local Search Quick Fixes Catapult Your Rankings

These Local Search Quick Fixes Catapult Your Rankings

These Local Search Quick Fixes Catapult Your Rankings

Make sure your local SEO is on point with these quick-fixes made to boost your local search rankings. You can do some of these in minutes.

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Since the release of Possum, Google has doubled down on local search. The search giant is putting more emphasis on local businesses and user location than ever before.

If you’re looking to rank in the search results 3-pack, then your local SEO needs to tick all of Google’s boxes.

Fortunately, this isn’t impossible. We’ve figured out most of Google’s local SEO metrics, including the changes Possum implemented.

We’re giving you the inside scoop on our local search quick fixes, so your SEO doesn’t suffer.

Local Search Fix #1: Mobile Optimization

Google’s promotion of local search doesn’t stop with their desktop platform. In fact, we’d argue that Google’s new obsession with local search directly stems from their mobile platforms.

Google assistant, Google’s new personal voice assistant, really pushes the location based search trend.

If a personal assistant is dictating the rules, Google will expect that mobile websites offer a seamless user experience.

What Google really wants is universal adaptation of mobile responsive websites. The company even advocates for them.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, turn your website mobile responsive for better local search SEO.

#2: Google My Business

Google My Business is a service that records your business name, address, phone number, and other important details. This is where Google pulls its information when a user searches within your niche.

Again, Google comes right out and tells users that Google My Business affects SEO. Websites with updated information, accurate hours, and photos preform better in local searches.

The rationale here is that Google wants customers to find results that are useful. For local businesses that means accurate contact information.

It makes sense, and it’s easy enough to update your Google My Business profile.

#3: Optimize Your Location

Google’s Possum update made raw location data more important than ever before. Your Google pin location can make or break your search results.

Every time a user performs a local Google search, and any time a user searches on mobile, their GPS data is cross referenced with your business’s location.

The closer your business is to the user, the more SEO points you receive and the higher you rank.

The problem here arises when your business pin isn’t located in the correct location. This is largely down to inaccurate Google GPS data.

If your pin doesn’t match your address, there’s one SEO demotion. If users near your location search within your niche, but your pin is elsewhere, there’s another local search demotion.

Log into your Google My Business account and double check your pin for accuracy. If it’s out of position, move it and tell Google.

Start with these three local search quick fixes to ensure your business maximizes its local visibility.

Google is pushing the local narrative, and won’t stop anytime soon. Though we’re lucky the search giant is staying transparent with their SEO metrics, for now.

Either way, our team at Pflyz Creative is working hard to uncover any and all local search metrics that your company needs to succeed.

Contact us if you’d like to know more.