A Look at Some of the Essential Web Hosting Features Your Online Business Needs

Essential Web Hosting Features Your Online Business Needs

With more and more people looking to start online ventures, web hosting businesses around the world are trying to make it easier to manage websites. Many providers take advantage of the cPanel web hosting management platform to better the user’s experience. The platform itself comes with a host of features that makes managing a website easy. Here are a few of the features your online business needs from your hosting provider.


Thanks to providers like certahosting.co.uk providing cPanel-based accounts, users have access to a range of security features to help prevent attacks. Clients can now use features like IP Deny Manager, Leech Protection, Hotlink Protection and much more to secure their online ventures. It’s also now possible to use the built-in virus scanner to see if any viruses have managed to creep their way through the door.


With cPanel you can back up website files manually. With additional features such as file management and numerous backup add-ons, it’s simple to automate the process or do it manually for your own peace of mind.

File Management

Not all website owners are tech savvy, so the use of the latest FTP software isn’t always useful. However, cPanel comes equipped with an easy to use file management section that will help you upload and backup your files.

One Click Script Installation

There was a time when cPanel users had access to a feature called Fantastico to install scripts like WordPress and PHPBB2, but that has been replaced with One Click Script Installation with most hosting providers. This feature is perfect for those without any prior web hosting experience as it’ll help you set up numerous website types without any manual work.


If you’re looking to take your website further, it’s important you have access to the latest statistics so you know what’s working. Of course, many webmasters now rely on Google Analytics to get the accurate information they need. However, there’s nothing wrong with using Awstats or Webalizer that come with cPanel to get additional traffic information.

Email Manager

Thanks to cPanel, it’s now very straightforward to create new business email addresses using the domain you own. cPanel comes with various email features so you can create unique email addresses using different email providers for new and existing employees.

Database Management

There will be times when you’ll need to access the backend of a website for repair or maintenance. The helpful PHPMyAdmin user face that works with the MySQL databases will help to do just that. It would be especially helpful if you lost you website account login details and needed to reset them.

The above features are just some of the basic features any web hosting provider should offer to ensure you have an trouble-free website management experience. If you’re looking for a new provider, it’s wise to choose one that supports the cPanel management platform just so you know you’re going to have all the above features and much more.