5 Local Search Marketing Stats You Need For Local SEO

If you owned a Chinese restaurant, you probably wouldn’t be the only Chinese restaurant in town. And when you’re one of many, the competition is fierce. You want your name at the top of everybody’s list.

But, even if you are at the top of everybody’s list in town, you want to be at the top of Google’s list too. If you’re at the top of Google’s list, you’re at the top of every list.

This is why, if you have a website, you should absolutely focus on local search engine optimization. And here are the stats to back that up:

1. 60% of Americans Use Smartphones And Tablets For Local Search

Two things you can take away from this sentence.

local seoMobile and majority.

People are increasingly mobile in today’s day and age. By the time they decide where to go, they are already on their way. And they are being very last minute about it.

How many times have you gone out to eat, had a sort of idea of what you wanted, then searched for it on the way?

This is a common way of deciding where to eat. And if you want to be the first thing people think about, you want to local search engine optimize your content like crazy.

2. 50% of Consumers Who Did Local Search Visited The Store The Same Day

Ok, so, not everybody is out ready to shop or eat. They might be sitting at home thinking about what they want to do after work. When they do decide, it tends to be in the spur of the moment.

So you want to be what they are thinking about. You want to be their procrastination excuse. This is how you get people in your doors buying your product.

3. Over 60% Of Consumers Want Ads Customized To Their Location

Shopping local has become increasingly popular. And people want to know what’s in their area to shop. They don’t want to know about big box stores like Best Buy and Target. They already know about those things. They want your local mom and pop shop to show up on their browser and give them sweet deals.

This may not be local search, but it is local SEO. You can SEO your ads and have Google Adwords target your zip code. Not only will this bring up ads to people who will actually click, you’ll see conversions on your site and traffic through your doors.

4. 18% Of Local Search On Mobile Converts To A Sale Within The Day

Need we say much more? That’s a pretty high conversion rate.

The more people who see you as a search result, the more people who will come into your business!

5. 50% Of Mobile Users Utilize Their Browser More Than Any App

It wasn’t always this way. But since Google built a way to convert pretty much any website into a mobile experience, people are using their browser more.

This is why it’s still absolutely important you local search engine optimize your site for mobile.


Local search is very good for your business. If you want that local traffic to convert to sweet, sweet cash, contact us and let us know. No matter where you are in the rankings, come get your site optimized for local search today.