The Ultimate Guide To Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting – Everything you need to know

If you’re a web designer and you’re looking to add another source of income to your business then this is for you, Reseller hosting can be turned into a business opportunity. Here’s how you can do it”


Reseller Hosting Guide


What is Reseller Hosting and How does it work?

Reseller Hosting includes buying hosting from a parent hosting provider and redistributing & selling the hosting to your customers at your own price. With Reseller Hosting, you can act as a Web Host for your clients, providing website design and management services as well as hosting requirements for their website or web applications. Since web development and designing is in such high demand, the business is booming in this industry, particularly in the area of Reseller Hosting. Business owners are leveraging on this growth opportunity by starting their own hosting company to either supplement or create a full-income flow. To summarize, a reseller is someone who buys a product or service from another company and repackages it by adding something to it or selling it directly to other companies under its own brand name. Now that we know the basic idea of reselling, let’s try to understand how does Reseller Hosting work.


Reseller Hosting

Here are the 7 steps to start you off:

  1. Research and select a web hosting company that offers Reseller Hosting
  2. Determine the number of customers you have who would need Web Hosting services
  3. Determine the type and size of packages you will offer, either stand alone hosting or as part of a value added service to a related service
  4.  Sign Up and purchase the Reseller Hosting package after comparing plans based on your existing business needs
  5. Follow the instructions of the parent host company and create your own branded hosting packages
  6. Decide your price and begin marketing your services, focus on signing up new customers
  7. Sell your own hosting packages and earn profits

Business Benefits of Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting offers incredible benefits to you brand. As a reseller, these are few advantages of Reseller Hosting:

  • Become a Web Hosting company and offer hosting services. Make money on hosting and other web services like web design
  • Make profits easily by creating your own packages, choosing your margins and reselling them to your customers
  • Host and bill your customers for their tailored plans and use your brand name to do it
    Customize independent cPanel control panels for your clients
  • Save maximum money in your business because Reseller Hosting has a low initial start-up costs and you can upgrade your hosting plans once you scale


Hosting Reseller

How can I make money with this?


Reseller Hosting plans are designed for you to earn money. It’s often the least expensive and easiest way to start a hosting business. Using one control panel you can set up, manage, and operate the backend of websites, emails and domain services for your clients. They may not have the expertise in web hosting and will be completely dependent on you for their hosting needs, allowing you to charge more for this service. Since the web hosting provider handles the servers, your focus is making the profits and managing your customers’ web needs. This is an easy way to start making a profit, yet as with any business venture, you must create your business plan and know your target audience. Implement a marketing strategy to reach your potential customers is a good idea.


What’s included in a reseller package?


Usually a Reseller Hosting package would include some of these common features:

  • Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • Domain Hosting
  • Branding your own web hosting company with the white-labelled (unknown to your client) hosting provider company
  • Latest WHM and cPanel control panel for management of your package
  • Custom plan configuration based on your needs- Features for your clients like email, control panel, additional scripts and tools
  • 24/7 Support offered by your hosting provider

How to choose the best hosting provider?


It’s imperative to know that you can offer the best possible web hosting experience to your clients prior to building your clientele. Here are just some qualities that you need to keep in mind while searching for the perfect web host

● Easy to use cPanel
● Site builders products
● Private nameservers
● Brandable control panel
● 24/7/365 support with a 99.999% uptime guarantee

I would recommend checking ResellerClub, which was set up primarily to cater to Web Professionals and hosts like me. They offer good prices, good support and have a separate panel to manage your customers and their pricing. Another important thing to note here is that they are ‘White Labeled’, so you don’t need to worry about your customers knowing the parent provider. With ResellerClub, every reseller gets their own SuperSite or virtual storefront so their customers can directly buy from their website.