Why an attractive and responsive web design is indispensable?

Why an attractive and responsive web design is indispensable?

It is undisputable that first impression matters a lot. In fact, it matters the most. This is because; you may not get a second chance in most cases. This is even more so when you blow the first chance. This is very much evident in our day-to-day lives. When you are meeting for someone for the first time, you will most likely try to make yourself look suited for the occasion. You start by dressing most appropriate. Besides that, you will also try to ensure that your act is also a very good one. You will speak politely, act friendly and even smell nice. This is for an informal event, occasion or meeting. Imagine how much important it will be for a formal or business occasion. You will ensure to dress smartly, coordinate yourself properly and talk intelligent. Still on the issue of first impression, it goes beyond your looks. It extends to your home and your offices. If people will address you according to how you dress, imagine how they will react to how your office looks like. Imagine how they will react to the actions of your staff towards them. How they will react to the speed at which you serve them, the quality of service and your ability to render solutions.

Today, your office goes beyond your physical office. It does not matter the scale or size of your business, you should have an online presence. Yes, it is no longer an added advantage but a necessary requirement. A number of firms are even adding applications to this effect. Our focus will not be applications but online presence in terms of websites and blogs. However, I will be mostly using the term “website” while talking about websites and blogs. Your website is one of your surest bets to expand. With the case of regular offices, you will only be able to reach out to and serve individuals within your immediate environment. Truth is, it is unlikely be that you will be the only one providing such services or producing such goods in your vicinity. Even if you are the first or one of the first, competition will grow with time. If you are not at the top of your game, you may end up failing from the start or playing catch up to newer firms depending on the case.

It is one thing to have an online presence and it is another entirely different thing to have a commanding online presence. Most individuals and firms do not realize this until it is too late. It is not enough to just wake up and decide to launch a website. Thanks to content management systems like WordPress, it is even imperative that people will be quick to launch their own website. I will talk about how to design a good website using woocommerce coupon, as well as other plugins that work with WordPress such as woocommerce composite products. However, we shall be discussing why an attractive and responsive web design is indispensable. In the following sub points, I will be explaining why getting a responsive and attractive website is a MUST.

An attractive website keeps web users attention

When you talk about attractiveness in terms of web design and development, the meanings tend to vary slightly than its traditional meaning. While the word attractive in literal terms may be something shiny, it is not exactly the same in terms of web design. In web design, an attractive website is one that is SIMPLE. By simple, I mean a website that is easily accessible even for a first timer. This means that the title of your website already telling a story of your business. This means that with three clicks, an average web user will be able to find what he or she is looking for. Considering my definition of attractive in both cases, you can tell that they both ball down to effectiveness. They will both give you the same effect you desire. If people can easily access your website, it will increase the amount of time they will spend on your website. Someone who just came to check for a particular thing may end up doing a tour of your website thanks to ease of access.

A responsive website increases the chances of people seeing what you have to offer

The relation of a website to an offline office or store is closer than you think. When you visit a store or office and like the way the serve you, will be tempted to check out their other services. If you visit a website that and you like the speed at which it load, the content on the webpages and other attractive features. Chances are high that you will decide to check if there are other features that you may want, need or desire. . The same applies to a website. Permit me to cite an example. If you visit an ecommerce store to buy a cellphone and you like the speed at which their webpages load, you will want to check if perhaps they will have a phone case or other phone accessories that will be good for your phone. I am assuring you that it will not be the case when you visit an ecommerce store where ads are just popping up. I will talk about the effects of unresponsive web designs to your website in subsequent sub points.

A responsive website gets thumbs up from search engines

It is not news that search engines and social media are the most websites. The difference is that while people visit social media to socialize, most people visit search engines to look for solutions (solutions that you can provide). These search engines have certain criteria your website must meet to emerge as one of their results when people search for something you have to offer. One of those criterions is a responsive website. If your website is not responsive, you may not appear on the first page. Another reason you should consider this is the fact that people hardly click on the next page. They will only do that if what they are looking for is not on the first page, which is very unlikely.

An attractive website ensures that people’s need are met

My previous points highlight this fact. If you look at my definition of an attractive website, you will understand that this is just a reassertion of this fact. It takes something attractive (in web design sense) to keep a web user’s attention.

An attractive website ensures that web users revisit your website an refer others

During the next points, I will be talking about the effects of an attractive website. If your website is attractive, people will want to revisit your website. The best way to get a loyal customer is to give them what they want, need or desire. If you are able to give this to them, they will always come running back to you when they need solutions you can provide. This is just the intro of this whole thing. The best fact is that you will not be dependent on any affiliate marketing campaign to get people to talk to others about what you do. At no cost at all, web users will refer others to your website. People will trust them better as they are doing it genuinely and they are talking from experience.

An attractive website increases your chances of conversion

The ultimate aim of building a website not actually to gather traffic. This is some kind of misconception. This is similar to saying that the aim of opening an office or store is for people to walk in and out of your office or store. No, the ultimate aim of your website is to register conversions. Before I proceed, I will try to help you discern these terms a bit. Traffic refers to the amount of people who visit your website per hour, day, week, month or year. Conversions on the other hand, are the real deals. Conversion is the rate at which people take the call to action. A call to action varies according to situations. It may be the case of buying a product, purchasing a service or merely subscribing to a free package e.g. newsletter. Now the difference is clear, you will agree that you can have traffic without conversions. You can read on my article on how to increase conversions to get it right. An attractive website however will ensure that conversions are in good ratio with traffic. It is important to note that not all traffic will convert. It is not rational to believe that all traffic will convert.

A responsive website is accessible even for users of mobile devices

On a final note, ensuring that your website is mobile device friendly is as important as optimizing your website to meet SEO standard. You will be stunned at the amount of traffic and converts you are missing because your website does not support access from mobile devices. Research has it that over 87% of internet users access the internet using mobile devices. An attractive web design covers this aspect.

Considering above points, you will agree that an attractive and responsive web design is indispensable for your business. It is not just getting a website but one that is worthy of your business. Ensure that you optimize pictures before you upload them. Ensure that you optimize your website content as well. Ensure that your navigation is very simple for most people to use. You should also build your website’s backlinks. Your website is your online office and you should treat it in such regard.