Website Design Services

The first step in putting your business on the internet includes many steps:

  • Registering a domain name —creating your registrar account (GoDaddy,, Google Domains, etc.)
  • Setting up website hosting on our managed hosting servers
  • Setting up Email (additional costs per email)
  • Determining the scope of your website (Informational, Retail, Inbound Marketing, Blog)
  • Design, Development, Test, Launch, Management

We guide you along the way and take care of that for you!

A standard website for your business usually includes a few pages about your company or service with an online contact form. Many sites also have a gallery or portfolio of their products. We can help you get started on a website and walk you through purchasing a domain name that suits your business. Once the domain name is locked down, you choose your level of service. Design and development (at $50/hour) includes a contact form page, general information pages, team biography page, portfolio page, and blog option. Turnaround time for a site is generally 2 weeks and includes design consultation and one round of final edits once a design is chosen. The contact form collects emails for potential marketing campaigns. The hourly rate may include registering and setting up your new domain name and creating an account to manage the domain name (at a domain registrar like GoDaddy,, Google Domains) and link the domain with the hosting site server.

Our complete website design services prepare your site for a climb to the top of major search engines.

  • Payments: All projects are 1/2 up front
  • Monthly hosting and Management fee (Starting at $79/month) includes monthly site management on our servers with included SSL.
  • SEO Website Management Packages starting at $449/month available and include monthly blog posts and guest blog posts linking back to your site.

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